Dimensional Calibration

With fully equipped Dimensional Calibration Laboratory, the lab consists of optical projector, electronic digital gauges and micrometers for various applications, digital protractor, granite surface plates, gauge blocks and other standard accessories.

INCO-LABS are capable to calibrate the following dimensional tools:




Vernier, dial or digital caliper

0 mm to 600 mm

Depth & external micrometer

0 mm to 300 mm

Depth caliper

0 mm to 300 mm

Dial indicator

0 mm to 100 mm

Mechanical test sieves

0.06 mm to 5 mm

Depth micrometers

0 mm to 300 mm

Height gauge

0 mm to 600 mm

Feeler gauge

0.05 mm to 5 mm

Cube Molds

Side length 600 mm

Cylinder Molds

D 300 x H 600 mm