INCO-LABS with its experienced staff in the field of geotechnical engineering provides geotechnical services such as bearing capacity analysis, foundation analysis, settlement analysis, slope stability analysis and other related engineering analysis.  Our Geotechnical staff consists of engineers with higher education degrees of Master and PhD from well recognized universities around the world with minimum of 10 years experience.

INCO-LABS is capable to carry out soil investigation (on-shore and off-shore), rock core drilling, shallow water well drilling, monitoring well drilling and installation with monitoring, groundwater survey drilling, environmental drilling, and geotechnical engineering & consultancy.

Our drilling fleet consists of modern truck mounted drilling rigs with drilling capabilities up to 120 meters depth.  INCO-LABS has the latest technology for accessing mud and sea watery areas for soil and rock drilling by using Marsh Buggy specially made from light weight aluminum in order to minimize the surface contact pressure against mud and watery areas.  The marsh buggy has the ability of maneuvering in water, with D-50 drilling rig mounted on the deck.  The marsh buggy is capable to perform drilling in shallow sea water at the coasts up to 1.5 meters from the sea bed level.

With the continuous business development, INCO-LABS owns two 20-Tons capacity Electrical Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) units both are mounted on light-weight crawler with testing capabilities up to 25 meters depth or refusal of 20-tons load capacity. A small CPT testing unit with augers used for reaction load is used for small access or muddy area job sites, where the Gouda CPT testing unit with self loaded weights of 20-tons is used for massive testing production in large scale projects. The Cone Penetration Testing using the latest technology in CPT that is unmatched as a technique for accurate and cost effective method of ground investigation of loose to dense sand and Soft ground condition such areas located in Sabiya, Khiran, and Boubiyan Island.  With its rubber crawler, the CPT machine can be mobilized to the most difficult sites where it is hard to access by wheeled vehicles.

Our geotechnical department is equipped with various instrumentation for obtaining precise soil properties data such as Crosshole Seismic Test device to measure the shear wave survey for determination of soil mechanical parameters at field up to 60 meters depth, and Pressuremeter Test instrument to determine the soil properties up to 60 meters depth including settlement and strength parameters of soil (stress –strain), bearing capacity of shallow or deep foundations, and at rest pressure (Ko). INCO-LABS has long experience in performing such testing for high rise building foundation design and oil field facilities.