INCO-LABS with experienced staff in the field of structural and materials engineering is capable to perform a structural analysis of old and damaged buildings by carrying out various field and laboratory testing to observe the structural conditions of the building, using the existing material strength. The structural analysis is carried out using finite element method following the math-model using advanced professional softwares.

In general, the structural evaluation consists of detail survey of existing buildings, visual inspection of the building, material testing, structural analysis using existing conditions of the materials and superimposed loads, conclusion on the existing structural conditions, and recommendations on structural system with strengthening program

According to the tests results of the construction materials and the site investigation, INCO-LABS will propose a repair and strengthening program to the distress areas, if any is required.

 Structural Evaluation Testing performed by INCO-LABS but not limited to the following:

·                  Non-destructive testing of estimating concrete compression strength using Schmidt Hammer test.

·                  Compressive Strength of concrete cores.

·                  Measurement of concrete cover

·                  Chemical composition of concrete

·                  Steel tensile strength