INCO-LABS performs pile integrity testing and cross-hole sonic logging test of piles. Cross-Hole Sonic Logging Test (CSL) is performed to evaluate the homogeneity and relative integrity of the concrete in a deep foundation. The test measures the wave propagation time and relative energy of an ultrasonic pulse between parallel access ducts installed in the pile or structure. The tests will be performed in general accordance with ASTM D 6760-08, “Standard Test Method for Integrity Testing of Concrete Deep Foundation by Ultrasonic Cross-hole Testing”. Two ultrasonic probes, one a transmitter and the other a receiver, are lowered and lifted in unison in their respective water-filled access ducts to test the full shaft length from top to bottom. The transmitter probe generates ultrasonic pulses at frequent and regular intervals during the probes’ controlled travel rate down the length of the tube. The probe depth and receiver probe’s output (timed relative to the transmitter probe’s ultrasonic pulse generation) are recorded for each pulse. The receiver’s output signals are sampled and saved as amplitude versus time for each depth. Alternately, the signals may be modulated to a series of black and white lines corresponding respectively to the positive and negative peaks of the signal. In either case, the data are further processed and presented to show the first arrival of the ultrasonic pulse and the relative energy of the signal to aid interpretation. The processed data are plotted versus depth as a graphical representation of the ultrasonic profile of the tested structure. “INCO-LABS” utilizes the Cross Hole Analyzer (Model Champ) Manufactured by Pile Dynamics, Inc. (PDi). The set up generally consists of the following. A Computer based CSL data acquisition system.