INCO-LABS offers a full range of laboratory testing and in-situ testing for the need of construction, environmental monitoring and soil & materials investigation fields.  Soil and materials testing are the profession of INCO-LABS core business.  The firm has expanded its testing facilities with the highly qualified technicians, and the latest advanced testing equipment to provide fast and effective services according to the internationally recognized American and British Standards (ASTM – BS) for testing soil, concrete, aggregates, asphalt, and construction materials.

INCO-LABS offers a wide range of laboratory tests and on-site tests of materials in term of physics and chemistry performed according to the latest International Standards.  Our Materials Department is capable to carry out various physical and chemical testing for soil, soil-cement, concrete, aggregates, asphalt, natural building stones, and other building materials.  Our laboratories are equipped with machines for measuring the compressive and flexural strength of concrete, core sampling and testing tools, chemical testing tools for testing materials such as aggregates, concrete, cement, water and soil, and other various equipment for determination of soil classification, strength and deformation characteristics.

INCO-LABS is capable to carry out the following testing services:

Materials testing of concrete, aggregates, sand, asphalt, cement, raw materials, tiles, blocks, admixtures, water, and other construction materials

Physical and chemical testing of materials

Third party civil works inspection

Field testing of soil, concrete, and asphalt

Field mobile laboratories